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The small amount of fault slip detected by the AMR sensor after dynamic fault slip has ended, Figure 6a, could be apparent slip caused by the frame of reference of the laser vibrometers. Fault motion in these tests is left lateral, which may facilitate a counter-clockwise rotation of the sample blocks. The laser vibrometers measure the motion of the AMR sensor and its target magnet relative to the floor in the lab. In contrast, the AMR sensors measure fault slip directly, referenced to the sample blocks. Counter-clockwise sample block rotation following stick-slip fault slip motion, could cause the vibrometers to register block rotation of the sensor and the target as fault motion, resulting in additional, but apparent, fault slip. Apparent slip caused by block rotation should produce the largest signals at the corners of the sample blocks, the ends of the fault, presumably locations of maximum rotation motion. Measurements of fault slip near the middle of the fault in the center of the sample blocks, shows no post stick-slip fault motion, Figure 8a, presumably where block rotation effects would be minimized. The test apparatus resonates at approximately 425 Hz after each stick-slip event, evidenced by audible ringing and oscillations in the shear strain gage pair records, and may facilitate post slip rotation or other motion of the sample blocks. Additional measurements of the motion of the sample blocks relative to themselves, the loading frame, and the floor of the lab would be required to positively identify the source of the apparent fault slip observed in Figure 6a.

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