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Dog Ate My Homework Monologue

Honorable Mention By: Caroline Seawell, Age 15, South Carolina USA Description: A frustrated theater student brainstorms ideas for a monologue they must write. Genre: Comedic

Dog Ate My Homework Monologue


By: Cadence K., Carman, Manitoba, Canada, Canada, Age 12 Gender: Either Genre: Dramatic Description: A student tells his (or her) teacher the truth about a missing homework assignment.

Some attribute the creation of the dog ate my homework to a joke that was going around at the beginning of the 20th century. In a tale found as far back as an 1894 memoir by Anglican priest Samuel Reynolds Hole, a preacher gives a shortened version of a sermon because a dog got into his study and ate some of the pages he had written. However, the clerk loved it because they had been wanting the preacher to shorten his sermons for years.


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