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Identity Crisis Study Guide

Identity Crisis Study Guide Questions

Chapter 1 

1. What is your spiritual DNA and where did it come from?

2. Why is it important to understand your spiritual identity?

Chapter 2 

1. How has Nature (genetics) influenced your personality and perspectives?

2. Which contextual factors (temporal, social, cultural, etc.) shaped your identity the most?

3. How has culture challenged your ideas about your spiritual identity or life perspective?

Chapter 3

1. Where does the first hub of a child’s learning occur?

2. Why is the American family in distress?

3. What are three distinct characteristics of the male role?

4. In what ways does the vitreous woman resemble the millennial woman?

Chapter 4’

1. In what ways has your words positively shaped the course of your life?

2. How have your words negatively impacted your life?

3. In John 6:63, Jesus states the words I speak our spirit and they are life? How are words life or a spirit?

Chapter 5

1. What is the primary tactic the enemy uses the outlet of technology and media?

2. In what ways does the enemy use our technological devices to distract us?

3. Why is it important to evaluate how much time we spend on our devices and watching television?

Chapter 6 

1. How does sex outside of marriage impact the family unit and structure?

2. Do you view God’s perimeters/boundaries on sexuality as punishmentor protection and why?

3. In what ways is sexual immorality inconvenient?

Chapter 7 

1. Which part of your SOUL have you struggled the most with (MIND, WILL, or EMOTIONS)?

2. Which of the enemies 4 quadruple D’s have you experienced and how did you handle the spiritual attack?

3. Name 2 or 3 keys of building self-esteem and/or self-worth that you will implement immediately and why?

Chapter 8

1. What is the most significant characteristic of God’s Identity? 

2. In what ways have you experienced God’s love through other people?

3. How has your past view of God shaped your relationship with him? 

Chapter 9

1. In what ways did Jesus stay in close communion with God?

2. What gift did Jesus promise to leave behind for his believers?

3. What is the salvation package and how do we use it?

Chapter 10

1. How do we use praise as a weapon?

2. In what ways has worship helped believers in the past?

3.  In what ways has worship caused man to fail in the past?

Chapter 11

1. What is spiritual warfare?

2. What are the characteristics of a spiritual warrior?

3. What are some giants you have faced in your lifetime and how did you contend?


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