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I've been meaning to create an entry about this movie for weeks now, but just didn't have the time. But this 1st day of March, I'm going to take a moment to reflect on this movie's message and my views on it. Okay, I told everybody I knew to go see it because I felt it was a wonderful tale of love and self discovery. Black women everywhere should've left the theater empowered by having more than one option. You know, "LOVE OUTSIDE THE BOX". Black men do it all the time. Oddly enough, all my friends came back convinced that I related to the main character,Kenya Mcqueen played by Sanaa Lathan, the most because of my similiar approach to relationships. Of course, I beg to differ. I'm not that stiff. Honestly, it was a realistic depiction of a African American woman raised in a middle class family. It showed how we have this internal agenda that seems to get flawed or stunted when it comes to meeting the IBM (ideal black man) or perfect mate. Truth is, I don't think there is an IBM. I think it's some fairy tale prince that we came up with after watching Cinderella (thanks Disney). You work very hard (i.e. school,career, family,socially, etc...) and eventually this guy is going to come through and sweep you off your feet. NOT! I think we need to focus on getting rid of the internal agenda or just take love off the priority list. Love comes in many forms and ways. Importantly, it comes from knowing and loving yourself. You'll find that person who aligns with you when you discover and understand what drives you in life and makes you, YOU. They'll simply attach themselves to you and coincide with your purpose. The hard thing is, it's easier said then done (i.e. me).

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