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Kashmiri Shivratri Puja Mp3: How to Celebrate the Festival of Lord Shiva at Home

These days shivratri celebrations are famous for the parties and having midnight snacks and snacks that is one of the best part of shivratri.. for most of the sharas of shivratri all bahis in navratri the community of shiv bhakts get together and celebrate with each other

kashmiri shivratri puja mp3 download

kashmiri shivratri puja mp3 download He said, " We met with her when she told us that her life is so tough and she was feeling so low. And as soon as we told her that she too will have a life soon. She made a prayer to Lord Shiva. She called him and prayed for the best life she ever desired for herself.

kashmiri shivratri puja mp3 download Never before we had the same hope, we didn't know that how our lives will be for the next 3 years. We believed that we can achieve it with some effort but now we are happy that our future is bright now. Our hope is there for ever and there is nothing that can stop us from moving forward, we can't give up our prayers to Him. He won't let us down he'll make our dreams come true

As for prayers, the most important rituals to be performed are the Shiv-Ratri Puja and Shiv Bhaijaan Karwa Chauth. To start with, the daughter-in-law stands in the path of the Sun's rays, and makes a prayer to the Lord of light, for a good year. In Maharashtra, one must perform the Shiv Ratri puja at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj memorial in Mahabaleshwar.

In fact, the money for the puja is earned by the bride's family by the tradition of the groom's family. This has the advantage of being less vulnerable to the whims and fancies of the bride's relatives. In the good old days, where there was in no way a fixed payment pattern, there was that level of competition and collusion that is unthinkable now. The favourite game of the kids was to offer money to the walnuts and the qeema and see who could slip the hardest walnut, as its skin was a prize.


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